Festive Melon Fruit Basket

This fancy fruit salad basket can be made ahead of time on your holiday parties.

The refreshing natural flavors of this recipe will intensify during refrigeration.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup sweet red seedless grapes
1/2 cup scoop into balls cantaloupe
1/2 cup cubes honey dew or watermelon
1/2 cup tangerine orange juice

Fruit Preparation :

In a large bowl, mix together your melon cubes, melon scoop balls and your seedless sweet grapes.

Toss your whole fresh fruit mixture with some sweet tangerine orange juice. Cover and refrigerate for about 1-2 hours prior to placing it into your festive melon basket.

Creating your festive melon basket :

Ingredients :

1 large water melon or honey dew

Basket Preparation :

To make the basket for your fruit salad presentation. Draw about 1 inch wide handle across honey dew or water melon with a pencil. Cut top about 2" of your melon fruit, leaving the handle uncut and remove the seeds out using a spoon. Cut top of your melon fruit with a sharp knife to form a zigzag scalloped edge.

Scoop some melon flesh out of your fruit. You can add some to your refrigerated orange fruit mixture.

When your fruit basket is ready, fill in with your refreshing orange, grapes and melon fruit mixture.