"Holiday Party Planning" makes your work a lot easier...

When you have the plan, you are in control and better prepared to handle the unexpected. Some entertaining tips includes;

1.) Never invite someone out of guilt.

2.) Surround yourself with people you really want to be invited on your party.

3.) If it's a sit down dinner have some good story teller on your guest list to kick off some lively conversation on the table.

4.) If your serving some alcoholic drinks, be a responsible host to your guests. Make sure they have a designated driver, they can take the taxi or public transit. This is just a friendly, reminder.

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" The Invitation "

Wether it's a written or verbal invitation, kindly invite your guest well ahead of time. It should give the simple details such as, the start time, the location of the party, the theme of the party and what is the approximate time the party will end. If its necessary, sketch a simple map of the location of your party. You may include other special instructions like if its formal, informal or certain theme customes is required.

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" The Setting "

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The setting of your party depends on the occassion that you are celebrating. Use your creative imagination and take a fresh perspective at the space you are planning to use for your party. Re-arrange, add chairs, tables, planters, attractive center pieces but always remember to keep the whole view simple and elegant.

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"The food"

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The food entrees in your party, one very important part of your celebration should be group according to the event and theme of your holiday party. Most "holiday recipes" and "drink recipes" presented on this site can be mix and match regardless of the occassion. But make sure that when you plan your menus, consider your guest with special preference. If they are vegetarian or diabetic or prefers sugar free recipes. Thats why "free-holiday-recipes.com" has variety of amazing recipes that will help you prepare for this challenge. Your main goal is to pamper your guests with tasty recipes and drinks, while keeping them happy and delighted at your parties. So every occasion when you invite them again, they will look forward enjoying all your new and exciting recipes.

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