Simple Desserts

Here we bring you some exciting and irresistible collection of mouth watering dessert recipes that will make all your holiday celebration a one of a kind experience.

These simple savoury desserts will satisfy the luscious fantasies of your guests.

Festive Melon Fruit Basket

Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Pistacio-Macadamia Holiday Bars

Pineapple Orange Sherbet

Blueberry Banana Cup Cake

Bourbon Butter Cup Pumpkin

Fiesta Royal Fruit Dessert

As we add more recipes to our dessert collection presented here, we will surely include popular holiday desserts that your guests and family members will cherish forever.

Pamper your guests with wonderful cold and warm desserts decorated with lavish frosting and delicate glazes that will keep your party mood heavenly.

Party time glorious holiday dessert finales, here we come ...

Special Dessert Teas

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My Sweetie's Favorite Dessert Recipes With our collection of dessert recipes, get those wonderful childhood feelings back. Our recipes for cakes, pies and candies will make your face smile. Easy Indian Desserts - Enjoy these Mouth-watering Indian desserts by making it yourself using these easy Indian Recipes.